Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No drugs

Two male actors, one from Hong Kong and the other from Taiwan, were taken into custody by Beijing authorities for using drugs. Many believed that their attempt to boost their box office in China had ended before it started because of harsh anti-drug policy enforced by Chinese officials and entertainment industry recently. In China no producers or directors will ever use any actors if they violate the law and use drugs.

In contrast, the narcotic consumption has never been considered serious crime in Taiwan. A number of celebrities were busted, charged, tried and jailed for drug charges; however, they reappear on the TV screens after they vow in tears at the press conference that they would never touch drug. Taiwanese audience would forgive them easily until the next time. Well? The drug-using entertainers would be forgiven again…and again. It would be a good conference paper topic for local social behavior experts to explain why Taiwanese treat drug users so leniently.

I support Chinese to fight drug users hard. Actors, singers and entertainers are celebrities who should remember their rise to fame is a gift bestowed on by their fans and the society, so they are expected to set an example for doing right things, not the other way round. 

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