Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The choice of news coverage

Yesterday morning, passing by, I noticed that there were more police officers than usual standing on guard at the perimeters of the Taipei office of the American Institute in Taiwan. I learned from today’s The China Post, a local English newspaper that some Taiwanese went to AIT yesterday to stage a protest against recent Israeli attacks in Gaza on the Palestinian residents. The protesters demanded that the US stop its support to the Israeli war efforts, which, as of now, have resulted in more than 1,000, most of them unarmed civilians and children, killed and many wounded.

Neither the local Chinese newspapers nor any local cable TV stations have yet covered this protest. It does not surprise me at all because it has been a long time that our media care less about whatever happens outside Taiwan. The media make their choice of news to report simply based on the taste of the audience instead of the importance of the news events; consequently, the negative effects of such ignorance lead to a large number of Taiwanese lacking global sense.  

People might ask why it matters to know the conflict in the Middle East. Well, if we know what’s going on there, we will not blindly and irrationally blame President Ma and his government for not doing enough when the local gasoline price goes up again.  

I would press a “like” to those fellow countrymen protesting in front of AIT for their moral courage to stand up and tell the Americans what they should do.  

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