Saturday, July 26, 2014

Collective pressure?

It is very obvious that he was unwilling to step down.

A few days ago labor minister Pan Shih-wei left his post because of possible extramarital affairs. The married minister was photographed when entering the apartment of his female secretary late in the evening and leaving there a couple hours later several times a week. After a local tabloid printed these photographs, Pan tried to justify his deeds by saying that he went to his secretary’s apartment only to discuss important official business unfinished in office hours; nevertheless, no one seemed to buy his words. He was forced to tender his resignation after another futile attempt to prove his innocence by showing the press the statements written by his wife and his father-in-law to vouch his character and integrity.

Immediately after he resigned, Pan told the public on his Facebook that he was forced to step down because he got in the way of those who tempted to get quick bucks, and he was pressed to leave because of “collective pressure”, reported the morning news. It is reported that the higher-ups of the Executive Yuan hope that Pan would know when to stop grumbling.

By now Pan should have some good sense of self-awareness that he was asked to quit not because he tried to upgrade himself and his secretary to commercial class when traveling abroad together for international conference but of moral discrepancies. The best policy for him right now is to zip his lips. Any more words only lead to more negative aspects towards him.   

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