Monday, July 14, 2014

Chiang loses his job because his crisis management sucks

In the movie Clear and Present Danger, adapted from one of Tom Clancy’s best-selling tech-thrillers of the same name, the whole family of a major campaign fund contributor of the president of the United States are found murdered unveiling the fact that the victim was laundering money for drug cartel. As the president is anxious to disconnect himself with the dead,  Jack Ryan, Tom Clancy’s hero, suggests that he tell the media that they are very close good friends leaving no rooms for the press to play up. 

Crisis management, to anyone involved in politics, is a required course that can’t afford to be flunked.

Chiang Wei-ning, the education minister, resigned this morning. It all started a few days ago. A British journal about vibration and control found that a National Pingtung University of Education professor surnamed Chen used false e-mails to fabricate the result of ‘peer review’ in order to get his papers published. Among the sixty articles withdrawn by this academic journal, several were co-written by Chen and Chiang. At first, Chiang denied his acquaintance with Chen. Later, Chiang told the public that he was only the advisor of Chen’s brother and met Chen only twice trying to distance himself from the allegations that he had anything to do with all those fraudulent academic articles. Chiang’s words resulted in a number of academicians accusing him a liar because it is common knowledge that no one would let a stranger to be named as one of the co-authors of a research paper. Aside from that, Chiang did not explain why he listed all the papers co-written with Chen as his own academic achievement if he did not know Chen.

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