Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beauticians for the dead

These make-up artists are very unique professionals because all their patrons are dead people. Their job is to help make up, but most of the time, repair the bodies of the deceased so that they will be presentable as they start their journey to the other world.

Some twenty such professionals from all over the country gathered at Penghu, volunteering to assist the repair of the broken and disfigured bodies of the victims of TransAsia Airways flight GE222 that crashed near Makong airport last Wednesday evening when Typhoon Matmo hit Taiwan. These make-up specialists did it for free and their love and expertise won the grateful hearts of the victims’ families.

I am not sure how their job title should be addressed in English, but I think many would agree with me without a doubt that they deserve to be called the beautician for the dead. 

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Ellen said...

Yes, they definitely deserve to be called the beautician for the dead.

They are the angels in the real world, especially in the hearts of those(including me) who are touched by what they did.