Thursday, June 12, 2014

Killed in the line of duty

Yesterday in Rueifang a decorated police officer surnamed Wu, while processing a traffic accident, was hit by a speeding truck that failed to stop in time. Officer Wu, 28, died shortly after arriving at the ER. It was no doubt that this Xinbei City’s finest was killed in the line of duty. Here comes to the problem. According to the Ministry of Civil Service authorities, Officer Wu’s family was entitled to receive a compensation payment up to NT$10,000,000. However, if he was regarded as “killed while risking his life to perform his duty,” the amount of compensation will be NT$16,000,000. It’s up to the MCS to decide if he was taking risk to do his job.

We are very sorry to learn of the death of Officer Wu. We appreciate it very much to all members of our police force who serve dutifully twenty-four seven to assure that our lives and properties are protected. We believe that as long as they are in uniform and armed there is certain danger that would go along with them ubiquitously. It is therefore strongly believed that all these “people’s nannies” should receive highest honor and compensation if they are killed in the line of duty, so that their families will be well taken care of.    

However, the compensation payment comes from taxpayers’ money and should not be disbursed too loosely. The highest amount and honor should be given to any officer who demonstrates tremendous gallantry in the face of danger to protect citizens from being harmed beyond the call of their duty. 

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