Saturday, January 25, 2014

No margin of error

Breaking news: at 5:04 a.m. this morning, a gravel truck rammed into the main gate of the Presidential Office but was stopped by the quick-elevating bullet-proof steel door. The driver fell unconscious at the impact and was immediately hospitalized. It was still unclear of his motive for such violent action. According to Lee Jia-fei, spokeswoman of the president’s office, President Ma, presently on a state visit to Burkina Faso and Sao Tome and Principe in Africa, was told the news and instructed the office to deal with the situation based on standard operating procedure.

From the TV newsreel, the truck was stuck at the stairway leading to the office. The driver’s cab was all smashed but the hopper of the truck was empty. It would have been a disaster if this driver bumped into the office with a truckload of TNT.

On October 23, 1983, a suicide bomber drove a truck fully loaded with TNT charging at the barracks of US peacekeepers in Beirut, killing 241 marines instantly. From then on, the Americans have strengthened their security measures by demarcating a fail-safe line in front of their installations or buildings. Any unauthorized personnel or vehicle attempting to pass that line will be shot on sight.

The Presidential Office should consider drawing such line. After all, the safety of our national head allows no margin of error.  

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