Thursday, December 26, 2013

Paper books vs. e-books

I prefer paper books to electronic books, or e-books for a simple but personal reason. Scrolling on the screen of a tablet PC, or a Kindle, just does not give me the feel of touch as flipping through book pages.

I love reading with a pen and even a few pieces of paper. When reading, I like to underline, mark, or even sketch my remarks on book pages at will. I also love to place pieces of paper with my notes on it between pages as bookmarkers. Although e-books are equipped with software that gives all the functions mentioned, I still find myself unaccustomed to it.

Please do not mistake me as one who is fettered by old conventions. I think e-books are a great hi-tech invention that has solved the biggest problem every book lover has, storage. The space for books is always not enough, no matter at home or at office. The next good one e-books bring us is portability. Thanks to one of the most magnificent contributions to human civilization, the cloud technology, the whole collection of the Library of Congress is at our fingertip. How wonderful it is to bring my library with me travelling around the world. Last but not the least, e-books help us save the planet by cutting fewer trees to print pulp fictions or other junk books.

Nevertheless, e-books are not as perfect as sounded. The success of retrieving the book you want lies on the availability of wi-fi. Now comes the problem: What if wi-fi is unavailable? Another shortcoming of any 3C products which is still not solved by scientists is the power. What if the battery is low and there is difficulty recharging it? Maybe I’m worried too much, huh?

Reading has been my lifetime obsession. No matter paper books or e-books, I will enjoy the convenience which modern technology has brought me and at the same time be indulged myself in the wonderful world of words.  

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