Monday, December 30, 2013

A second or maybe a third specialty

Following the launch of the new electronic toll system today, all the toll booths on our national highways will be removed. Subsequently, all 938 current toll collectors will be out of work. Since almost all of them were hired on contract basis, they could not do anything but bid farewell to their post. This is yet another cruel fact of machine replacing humans. How could we cope with the ever-changing job market? I always encourage my students, all of them English majors, to acquire a second or maybe a third specialty. Allow me to again use how the military deals with special operations as example. All special ops soldiers are trained to have more than one specialty, and when a team is deployed to execute covert missions, the specialties of team members are very often overlapped. This is a precaution to ensure the accomplishment of a mission even when members of the team are wounded or killed. By the same token, we in civilian life should do the same.

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