Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The media should not chase the wind and catch the shadow

There was a report about sending our special forces to rescue the Taiwanese woman who was abducted last Friday at a resort on Pom Pom Island in Sabah, north of Malaysia. Until now Malaysian police authorities have had no clues about either the identities of the kidnappers or whereabouts of the woman, whose husband was unfortunately killed when their beach house was intruded.

When asked by the press, deputy defense minister Xia Li-yen said that, though our military is capable to conduct rescue operations overseas, yet without mutual judiciary agreement with Malaysia and lack of sufficient intelligence, the military so far does not have any concrete planning about the rescue mission. Xia stressed that we are ready to coordinate with Malaysia anytime if needed.  

I skimmed several similar news coverage regarding this matter, trying to find the source about who hit upon the idea of deploying our commandos abroad for the rescue with no avail; therefore, my best guess is this news report probably was again a unilateral wishful thinking of Taiwan’s irresponsible media, intent to do nothing but practice demagogy.   

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