Thursday, November 07, 2013

Persecution complex

Few days ago we welcomed the arrival of first six Apache attack helicopters, and twenty-four more are yet to come in the near future. According to the Air Force, Taiwan is the first nation to which the US has sold such modern combat choppers. However, a local media reported today that the US did not tell us everything about this sophisticated fighting machine. Our air force personnel were even refrained from listening to some courses about its maintenance and operations when they were in the US to be trained as seed instructors of this aircraft.    

Let’s reverse the role. Suppose we have decided to sell thirty state-of-the-art attack helicopters to a faraway country. Would we tell the buyer all the related technologies including manufacturing and operating this flying machine without any reservations? Or would we withhold some critical know-how in case anything unpredictable happening in the future? The answer is obvious.

For years Israel has been fighting for her own survival with surrounding hostile Arabic nations. They had been relying heavily on the US to supply them with advanced weapons before they started to develop their own. Now they are capable not only to make their own fighters and missiles but manage to produce more for export.

Stop whining and start wielding. Perhaps our aviators could fly these Apaches better than their American counterparts and make them beg us to teach them how.

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