Sunday, October 06, 2013

Preparing to be a sexagenarian

I shall be sixty in about three months. To us Chinese, sixty means significantly. Chinese lunar calendar is chronicled by a cycle of sixty years, a result achieved by observing astronomical phenomena with delicate precision for thousands of years to reflect the solar and earth movement in the universe. To a man, sixty signifies his cycle of life from birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood onto ageing. At each period of our life cycle, we learn to adapt the changes of our bodies physically and mentally. As I am soon to be a sexagenarian, I like to talk about a few things that I should learn to help me conform to this age level.

Health is no doubt priority number one. All is vain without a sound and healthy body, which is only made possible by exercising regularly. The exercise I have in mind is defined broadly including physical exercise and social movement. In Chinese exercise literally means “live” and “move”, meaning that you have to move to live long. Social movement is to have social contacts which can be done through various forms. In addition to visiting friends and relatives, one can be volunteer for any charitable organizations or take part in all sorts of social activities.

The next thing a sixty-year old man should learn, note that I use the word “learn” instead of “do”, is not nag. No one likes naggers. I must learn to accept whatever younger generations are doing. Take the tapping of smart phones seen everywhere nowadays for example. If that’s what they like doing, let them be. If young couples like kissing and hugging in public, well, give them your blessing. Isn’t that something you also liked to do when you were young?

The third is turning your eyes and ears off. Eat and drink whatever you like. If you listen all day to those nutritionists, you might as well end your own life to get it over with it. How sinful can it be if I decide to eat a big juicy steak for dinner tonight? What’s the big deal if I have a couple shots of kao-liang wine with some old friends? The bottom line is not to go excessive. Do whatever that makes you happy.

Not to bother too much over money and property is Item number four on my longevity list. Chinese always money and property are two things you did not bring along when you were born and certainly you are not going to take it with you when Good Lord welcome you. Redefine happiness as you have enough money to lead your life comfortably and a decent place to spend the rest of your life.

Last but not the least for being a happy sexagenarian is try to learn new things like 3C products, computer software, and new hobbies, all that make you connect with the contemporary world and people, and above all, make you feel young and gay psychologically.

I will not write concluding paragraph for this post because there are more to add on the list. 

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