Sunday, October 27, 2013

A spy nailed

An air force officer was taken in custody pending for the investigation of his alleged involvement of passing vital information to Communist China. This espionage case was cracked by the counter-intelligence team of the Ministry of National Defense, a unit just reinstated in this April.  

The spy, a Major Hou, serving as a combat information officer attached to the 20th Electronic Warfare Group of the 439th Composite Group based in Pingtung, was found snatching hush-hush data about our E-2K airborne early warning and control aircraft to the opposite side of the Taiwan Strait, who, according to the local news report, was given NT$400,000 as reward.

The E-2Ks, a newer version of our air surveillance aircraft, commissioned in 2006, are capable to search up to 2000 targets simultaneously within a 550-km combat radius. With its Link16 tactical digital linkage system onboard, real-time communication may well be established with our F-16s in combat patrol and even with the US armed forces. Therefore, if such crucial electronic warfare reference data was compromised, the security of Asia-Pacific defense is going to be in serious trouble.

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