Sunday, October 13, 2013

A hero’s story

October 12, 1973, Wen Yun-nan, a postman of Taitung County’s Taimali Post Office set out to deliver mails as usual. Arriving Zhiben, he found out that the bridge across the river was battered by the flood incurred by a typhoon. To complete the delivery, Wen risked his life wading across the stream. Unfortunately the current was so strong that Wen was devoured by the flood in no time. Before he was swept away, Wen used his last breath to throw his mailbag ashore to save all the mails he was supposed to deliver.

A statue of Wen and a monument were erected by grateful villagers by the Zhiben River to commemorate Wen’s devotion to his duty. Yesterday, forty years after Wen’s death, at a concert held at where he was killed in memory of his dedication and sacrifice, a postman waded across Zhiben river and delivered a mailbag to the hands of the Postmaster of Taitung Post Office signifying the completion of Wen’s last mission. Carrying this mailbag, the Postmaster walked to Wen’s statue and said, “Senpai, your mission was accomplished and the mails have all been delivered. The Taitung Post Office is proud of you.”

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