Thursday, December 09, 2010

No free lunch

Discontenting with a new policy to have them pay for their own lunch, some homeroom teachers of Taichung County’s Dali Elementary School vented their anger on their students. They not only delayed students’ time to lunch but refrained students from taking the leftover away which produced smell around the classroom. Angry parents appealed to the press not knowing why teachers could not pay for the trifling forty dollars meal themselves.

Let’s hear what teachers had to say. Teachers said that, technically, lunch hour is not counted as teaching time. If Taichung County Government wants them to dine with their students, they should be subsidized for their lunch as their fellow teachers working in other counties. The problem now is this subsidy is not budgeted.

I think Taichung County should pay teachers’ lunch bill, yet I do not consider teachers’ purposely putting off children’s lunch hour something justifiable. Their not being subsidized for lunch is irrelevant to those kids under their care. Those teachers must realize that they were setting up a very wrong example in the eyes of their students. Stop now and let your students eat their lunch on time.

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