Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Like father, like son?

Several days ago, an ambulance transporting a critically ill woman on its way to the hospital was maliciously blocked by a driver who, instead of making way for it to pass, deliberately braked and backed his car and even gave the finger to intimidate and insult the ambulance driver. Being delayed, the 84-year old patient on the ambulance did not make it and was pronounced dead at the ER. The act of this mean driver was recorded by the ambulance’s on-board recorder. The public were outraged soon after such a vicious behavior was reported by the press.

Public indignation was further ignited when the father of this driver called the evening talk show on TV saying that his son has been suffering from bipolar disorder and his abnormal act was triggered by the siren of the ambulance. The father argued that his son did not know the ambulance was carrying a very sick old lady in the first place. The talk show commentator could not help but answer him back why he would let his son of manic-depressive psychosis drive in the first place? Did not he acquire the basic knowledge of every driver that he should let a vehicle with a siren to have the priority of the road? Did not he know that the behavior of his son may cause danger to others? The commentators as well as the audience were all shaking their heads when the father continued to find excuses to rationalize the terrible behavior of his son.

I can understand the mind of a father to protect his son. However, it seems that the best way for him to protect his son is to get him treated by the professional before he may hurt others directly or indirectly again.

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