Friday, November 05, 2010

State Compensation Law

As body parts of the victims killed in the disastrous landslide of Suhua Highway two weeks ago were still being salvaged from ocean piece by piece, the lawmakers of the opposition party are doing something that may further sadden the grief-stricken families. The lawmakers from a political party once renowned as a strong supporter of human rights were saying that families of the Chinese tourists killed in the accident were not eligible to apply for state compensation on the ground that they did not pay taxes in Taiwan. Their words really puzzled me because I do not recall that paying taxes or not is never an issue stipulated in our State Compensation Law(國家賠償法) as a requirement for the claim. I wonder what those lawmakers would say if the victims were Americans or JapaneseSince when does the fundamental value of human rights take a drastic turn when it comes to China? Does the nationality of the victims’ families matter their eligibility to file for compensation of lives and property loss caused by the negligence of government officials? I urge those lawmakers to treat all people equally, regardless the difference of their nationality, color of skin, and ethnic group. Do not let stupid ideology blind their empathy and true compassion.

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