Monday, November 08, 2010

Don’t let us be downgraded by our passion in politics.

We are living in a democratic society. Democracy is our way of life. We enjoy the freedom it brings us and we get the chance to elect people we like to lead the government and speak for us in all levels of councils. Democracy seems perfect, huh? Well? Do I sound skeptical about it? Yes. There must be something wrong about our democracy. Otherwise, why are some acting not the same as they used to be when it comes to election?

A formal reporter-turned-talk show host openly “greeted” President Ma’s mother, a euphemism used nowadays to refer the vulgar language, at a campaign rally in Taichung yesterday. Though overwhelming criticism pressured him to apologize in front of the cameras for his rudeness today, we wonder why a public figure would risk ruining his image to do such a thing? He was not alone. Last year a national university professor did the same and almost got himself fired by the school.

In this society, we are free to support any candidates we like, but do we have to use four-letter words to show our strong feeling against people we don’t like? Using vulgar language in public is definitely not an act a civilized person should do. It is not worth it to let us be downgraded by our passion in politics.

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