Sunday, November 21, 2010

Anti-Korean sentiment understandable but impractical

Taiwan athlete Yang Shu-chu’s being disqualified a few seconds before she was about to win the gold medal in taekwondo at the 2010 Asian Games four days ago has ignited a widespread anti-Korean sentiment over this island. Despite the fact that this incident of Yang’s unfortunate disqualification is still under probe, it might take a while to extinguish the fire against Koreans and everything Korean from kimchi to household appliances.

Not knowing when a fad of “loving everything Korean” has started to swamp a great number of Taiwanese of different age levels, these Koreanophiles (哈韓族) would embrace everything blindly as long as it was made in Korea, including food, clothes, ornaments, pop songs, soap operas, computer games, electronic products to cars. I am sure many of them have gone through a rather bizarre complex in the past few days. Why would people from a country they love so much do such sneaky thing to our athlete? Some vowed to clean up their closets and throw away all their clothes designed and manufactured by Korean firms. Some would smash their television sets made by LG. I urged those fellow Taiwanese to calm down and be rational. It was not those people who made and sold you Korean products sabotaged Yang’s chance to win.

I strongly believe that Yang does not need to cheat in the taekwondo game to win for she has trained herself hard and would win the game fair and square. I also believe that populism and anti-Korean sentiment would not help do her justice.

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