Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ah Bian, you are not Nelson Mandela

Former president Chen Shui-bian, after being found guilty as charged for taking money from businessmen during his presidency to facilitate a purchase of a piece of land, who has been in custody for over two years, told a visiting lawmaker that he would serve his 11-year prison term in peace just as former South African president Nelson Mandela, reported local media.

Wong Chin-chu, the visiting legislator, told the press that Chen felt that his verdict had been a result of “victor’s justice.” Chen considered his verdict a political execution administrated by the ruling KMT and the communists with an attempt to put him to death.

Chen’s comparison of Mandela’s case to his own was as absurd as it can be. Nelson Mandela had been jailed on Robben Island for twenty-seven years by the white regime of South Africa for his involvement in activities against apartheid, the policy of racial segregation. He was released in 1990 and became the president of South Africa from 1994-1999. Yet Chen was charged for taking bribes during his presidency using his authority to fix a land deal in Longtan near Hsin-chu Science Park. These two cases are totally different and cannot be compared.

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